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Buying a Gun Online is easy and legal when it is done right!

If you want the best hassle-free experience buying a gun online follow these 5 simple steps.  This is the fastest way to make sure you receive your new gun without delays.  Make sure to check your State and Local laws for requirements and restrictions.

  1. Find a Receiving FFL

    Find a Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) who will act as the receiving FFL dealer and facilitate the transfer. Click Here to find an FFL dealer near you.

  2. Contact the FFL

    You should contact the dealer you selected to make sure they are willing to facilitate the transfer. Don’t forget to ask them about their transfer fees and process prior to shipment.  These fees will range between $20.00 and $40.00 for non-NFA (National Firearms Act) items and about $100.00 for NFA items.

  3. Purchase your Gun

    Select the gun, frame, or receiver you want and complete the checkout process on our site. During the checkout process you will have an option to select your FFL. Once your online gun purchase is complete, you will receive an order number, confirmation email, and instruction on next steps.

  4. Send Copy of Receiving FFL License

    You or your dealer will need to email a copy of the FFL license to FFL@districtarmement.com. Please make sure to include your Order Number for faster service.  Yor gun will not be shipped until we have a copy of their FFL license on file. Once we confirm the receiving FFL license is in order, your gun will be shipped and you will receive a tracking number.
  5. Pickup your Gun

    Once your FFL dealer receives the gun, they will notify you when it is ready for pickup. Make sure to inspect the gun for any defects or damage that may have occurred during shipping.  If everything is in order, start the transfer. Your FFL dealer will have you complete the Federal paperwork (Form 4473) and any State and Local forms if required.  You must pass a background check before the gun will be released.


  • State, County, and Local Restrictions: It is your responsibility to know, understand, and adhere to your State, County, and Local laws. If you attempt to obtain a firearm that is prohibited, your receiving FFL will not be allowed to release the firearm and it will be returned at your expense.
  • Failed Background Check: It is your responsibility to know if you are a “Prohibited Person” under ATF rules and regulations and would be unable to pass a firearms background check. If you do not think you can pass a background check, do not complete your purchase.
  • Firearm Inspection: It is your responsibility to inspect the firearm thoroughly to ensure that there are no visible defects while it is still in the possession of the receiving FFL dealer. If you notice a defect during your inspection of the firearm, do not transfer the firearm from your receiving FFL dealer.  In this very rare case, please contact us at ffl@districtarmament.com.  Please note that once the firearm is transferred to you it is considered used and cannot be returned.

Please see our Returns page for more information.

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